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WeCare Group Homes provide 24 hour in-house supervision, with highly trained direct care staff as well as professional staff members, including Social Workers and nurses.  We provide empowerment/life skills programs and tutoring regularly.  WeCare provides not only a home to individuals we serve, but also transportation to a variety of appointments and community outings.  Our goal at WeCare, is to encourage each resident to be as self-sufficient and productive as they can be.  In everything we do at WeCare, we inspire residents to grow to their full potential.  The foundation of this philosophy is an Individual (We)Care Plan (ICP) for all residents.  Developed as a collaboration between the resident, staff, and family, the ICP evaluated where a resident is and creates resident driven goals.  Through training opportunities, therapy, life skills, recreational activities, and when possible, employment, the ICP then plots a solid course towards achieving the residents goals.  Each ICP is unique an is reviewed and modified by the resident, staff, and family every 3 months or more frequently if warranted.  Staff and family members provide guidance and support, but the resident’s involvement in his or plan is crucial to the overall process.  Staff helps and assist residents in meeting their goals.  All residents are motivated to participate in the daily activities along with any specialized ICP.

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Education Program-We Educate

Reading. Math. Tutors. Library.

Arts Program-We Create

Painting. Photography. Museums. Videography. Plays.

Life Skills Program-We Live

Life Skills. Self-Care. Goal Setting.

Spirituality Program-We Worship

Church Activities. Home Worships. Bible Study.

Music Program-We Groove

Concerts. Choir Groups. Instruments.

Health & Fitness Program-We Fit

Nutrition. Exercise. Check-Ups.

Recreational Program-We Active

Community Events. Community Involvement. Sports. Bowling. Movies. Vacations. Festivals.

And Much More…

We empower residents to determine and live the life they want to live. We sanction new ideas and are excited for  new experiences for our residents.  We give freedom to our residents to discuss any suggestions!