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1st Lady Empowerment Foundation, Inc. has for several years engaged in empowering, specially young girls to develop the ability and prospective to celebrate self-worth and self-esteem as qualities of an internal set of characteristics.  We conducted summer camps, workshops and conferences all targeting the empowerment for young girls.  These empowerment programs were conducting at churches, schools, and community centers. 

John Powell argues that, “there is one need so fundamental and so essential that if it is met, everything else will almost certainly harmonize in a general sense of well-being. When this need is properly nourished, there will be no need for games and the whole human organism will be healthy and the person will be happy. This need is a true and deep appreciation of oneself, a genuine and joyful self-acceptance, an authentic self-esteem, which will result in an interior sense of celebration”.

We evaluated our goals and visions for the organization and the direction we wanted to pursue to be as effective as we possibly could be.  We realized that additional services for clients with behavioral issues, developmental issues and learning disabilities were needed.  Our population has expanded to include all races, all ages and all genders.  We recognized that we should provide workshops for individuals who had emotional problems and various disabilities.  This is especially true for individuals who need special care in a residential home style setting.  So, we proudly PRESENT  WeCare – Ready for Excellence, an entity of 1st Lady Empowerment Foundation, Inc. providing a safe environment for persons with intellectual disabilities, while offering services that will encourage and foster an excellent way of living through high quality services and respect for all residents under our care.

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